Tuition Policy

At UL Lafayette, making education affordable and accessible is a top priority.

Financial Aid

UL Lafayette works with students to help remove financial barriers to advanced education. We provide financial assistance to students through Pell grants, loans and other means. Find out what to expect during the financial aid process.

In order to receive Financial Aid for any given term for graduate programs, a student must register for a total number of five hours for Fall A, Fall B or combined terms. For undergraduate programs, a student must register for a total number of six hours for Fall A, Fall B or combined terms.

We Are Here to Help

To manage your tuition and billing or to learn more about payment processing information, visit our Student Cashier Center.

Policy Regarding Credit Adjustments Due to Resignation

When a student officially resigns from the University, credit adjustments will be based on the official date of resignation. A resignation credit adjustment, if applicable, is based on current hours enrolled. Whether or not a student attends class does not factor into the credit adjustment calculation. There is no adjustment to tuition and fees charged when a student reduces his/her course load by dropping one or more classes once registration closes.

Regular Fall/Spring Semester:

  • Prior to the first class day = 100% credit adjustment
  • 1st-5th class days (Drop & Add period) = 100% credit adjustment
  • 5th-14th class days (Census Day) = 50% credit adjustment

Regular Summer Semester and Fall and Spring A and B Terms:

  • Prior to the first class day = 100% credit adjustment
  • 1st-3rd class days (Drop & Add Period) = 100% credit adjustment
  • 4th-7th class day (Census Day) = 50% credit adjustment

Note: Credit adjustment dates for additional terms not listed will be prorated accordingly.

Non-Payment Policy

Students will be dropped for non-payment if tuition payments are not received by 5 p.m. Central Standard Time on the day before the course start date.

Withdrawal, Resignation and Refund Information

For specific withdrawal and refund policy information, please see our withdrawal/refund policy. In order to withdraw or resign, students must email the following:

Nursing Students: [email protected]
Business Students: [email protected]

Note: The refund amount, after resigning from the University, is based on 50% of total credit hours and not 50% of the dollar amount charged for tuition. For example: If a student is registered in 12 credit hours and resigned before the last date posted by the Registrar’s office, that student will be charged for six credit hours.

Payment Plan Option

Students now have the option to pay for their college education in affordable installments using our Payment Plan Option.*

In order to be fully enrolled in the Pay Plan Option:

  1. Students must agree to the terms of the Payment Plan Contract
  2. Students must then pay 25% of tuition, fees, housing and meals, plus a $50 processing fee
  3. The remaining payments will also be 1/4 of the balance on your account. The plan will recalculate any changes in your account.
  4. The payment plan must be completed by the established deadlines. Summer and Intercession Payment Plans only have two installments; the Summer Payment Plan has three installments.
  5. You can elect to have your payments scheduled on the appropriate deadlines

To enroll in our Payment Plan:

  • Login to ULink Portal
  • Click on Tuition & Aid
  • Click View your statement or pay your bill
  • Select the Payment Plan tab
  • Click Enroll Now
  • The payment plan option is only available through the ULink online portal

Payment plan dates and deadlines