Should Nurses Consider an MBA?

If you’re a nurse who’s thinking about moving away from clinical care and into administration, consider pursuing an online MBA in health care administration.

An MBA in health care administration helps nurses learn leadership and business and it shows them how to put those skills to work. You’ll learn to comprehend an income statement and see how it impacts your medical facility. You will gain the knowledge to formulate policy in a way that has a positive effect on patient outcomes.

As an MBA graduate, you will explore the financial mechanisms involved in delivering patient care and gain an understanding of how the legal and medical systems must coexist for a facility to provide that care with the highest ethical standards.

Careers Available to Graduates with an MBA in Health Care Administration

Graduates who obtain an MBA in health care administration are positioned to pursue a wide range of careers. Here are just a few of the choices:

Clinical nurse leader: Clinical nurse leaders are responsible for coordinating the care for all of a facility’s patients. They work to ensure communication between team members and to develop strategies for improving patient outcomes. They typically provide direct care while making sure patient needs are prioritized.

Nurse educator: If you are passionate about teaching, nurse educator may be the perfect career choice. These professionals typically prepare new members of a nursing staff for their day-to-day responsibilities. In many cases, nurse educators devote time to researching innovations in nursing and consulting with healthcare facilities, helping to shape nursing policy.

Nurse administrator: This position manages nursing staff and serves in a range of leadership roles. Nurse administrators work in several types of healthcare environments — clinics, nursing homes and hospitals, to name a few. They may manage a small number of nurses or an entire department.

Reaching the Executive Suite

Many nurses have the goal of becoming chief nursing officer, one of the highest leadership positions, or another type of leadership or management – and earning the salary that these positions command. Earning an MBA is one of the best ways to get into those leadership roles.

The CNO in today’s healthcare climate is essentially a business executive who specializes in nursing. CNOs are strategic leaders who are passionate about improving the quality of care and patient satisfaction. Strategic thinking — and learning how to execute a strategy — are integral components of an online MBA in health care administration program.

If you have the drive to expand your nursing career into areas where you can make systemic changes, this degree can be critical to your success. It can open the door to nursing careers that provide significant financial compensation and high job satisfaction.

Learn more about the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s MBA in Health Care Administration online program.


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