What Is a Global Management MBA?

The Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Global Management program online      from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is ideal for professionals who want to advance into management and executive positions with multinational organizations. The degree program trains students in international economics and the effective management of multinational companies with global partners, such as oil and gas and shipping operations. Students explore the relationship between domestic and foreign goods along with the environments of multinationals and the cultures and ethics of international business.

The program provides a foundation for understanding the issues that affect international businesses in a global economy. The curriculum takes a multidisciplinary approach to integrate the diverse aspects of global business operations, including the supply chain, trade partners, the international legal environment and the political climates where business entities operate.

This MBA program, like a general MBA, emphasizes accounting, economics, finance and quantitative methods. Core courses cover managerial economics, management of information technology, data analysis, policy formulation, marketing management, and analytical methods for planning and control. With the concentration courses, students delve into international business, the multinational value chain, organizational behavior, and leadership and international business law.

What Do Global Managers Do?

Global managers apply business acumen in finance, marketing and economics, and combine them with strategic principles in international management to navigate the complexities of conducting global business. Although “global manager” is the business title, many global managers address a specific function, such as marketing, operations/production, human resources or finance, and have a focus overseas. Titles like global marketing manager, international finance manager and global supply chain manager are common for graduates with an MBA with a specialization in global management.

According to Learn.org, global managers earn a median income of $102,993, with 8% projected job growth between 2016 and 2026. They typically travel often and need to be multilingual to collaborate with foreign partners, investors and other personnel in the countries where they do business. They also must possess strong leadership qualities, including being clear communicators, problem-solvers and negotiators. They must be quick learners with a flexibility and open mind to adapt to different ways of doing business, different customs and different social mores.

What Do Global Executives Do?

Global executives rise from the ranks of global managers. They lead managers who control international organizations, and they lend strategic direction for their own organizations. These executives work hand in hand with peer leaders in partner organizations overseas. They may also meet with political leaders, diplomats and representatives of financial institutions as well as members of the World Bank and the United Nations.

It is important that MBA students preparing for such roles understand the relationships between all of these entities and how to work with them in pursuing a business agenda. They must understand which organizations govern global trade and how they do so, as well as the legal frameworks and entities involved in international trade.

Global executives make the decisions that compose the multinational strategy. For instance, a global marketing executive may decide to license her company’s products to a local organization and sell under that brand name, rather than building a brand from scratch in an emerging market. A global operations executive may determine that, given the new trade tariffs, China is no longer the market in which to build additional manufacturing facilities, but India or South Africa is.

Business has become increasingly global. Large corporations generally draw higher percentages of their revenue from foreign operations. Multinational organizations often have a hard time finding managers and executives with the right training and skills, which makes this specialized MBA a great investment in your future.

Learn more about the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s online MBA with a concentration in Global Management program.


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